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Heightened Overdose Prevention & Education

To have Naloxone mailed to your home, please click HERE

The Jackson County HOPE Initiative is a program provided by the Jackson County Health Department, in conjunction with other Jackson County stakeholders, to provide Naloxone to anyone in need of the opioid overdose reversal drug.

The purpose of the HOPE Initiative is to provide Heightened Overdose Prevention & Education to Jackson County. HOPE is not just an acronym for our prevention program, but it also a message to those struggling with addiction and their loved ones. Every time Naloxone reverses an opioid overdose, there is an opportunity for that person to overcome their addiction. Every life is important and every one deserves a chance at recovery. There is HOPE.

Anyone who is in need of Naloxone can obtain it through the Jackson County Health Department. In person trainings are available y appointment.  If you are in need of Naloxone, follow these simple steps:


  • Below you will find a training video from our Community Naloxone Specialist. Watch this video in its entirety to make sure you have a good understanding of what will be in your kit, how to use it, and what steps you would need to take in responding to an overdose.

  • After watching the video, you can fill out a mailing form by clicking here or you can call our Community Naloxone Specialist at 740-286-5094 extension 2827

  • Once you fill out the form or contact us in the office, we will work with you to get life saving Naloxone in your hands!

For more information on the Jackson County HOPE Initiative please contact:


Staci Mercer, RN, Community Naloxone Specialist at 740-286-5094 ext 2827

If you are interested in having a Naloxone training with your organization or event you may contact our Community Naloxone Specialist at the number above or through email at

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