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Proposed Subdivisions and New Lots

This is related to lot splits and subdivisions that are

NOT within city or village limits.  Please contact the city

or village if you are planning a lot split (minor subdivision)

or subdivision within city or village limits.


Please contact the Jackson County Engineer's Office to begin

the lot split or subdivision process outside of city/village limits.  

Jackson County Engineer's office 

3062 Clary Road
Jackson, Ohio 45640
Phone: (740) 286-4139

If there are conditions related to the lot split or subdivision that do not meet Jackson County Planning Commission building/subdivision rules, the proposed survey shall go before a meeting of the Jackson County Planning Commission.  A variance request must be submitted to the Jackson County Planning Commission for review.


Jackson County Planning Commission

Planning Commission
200 E. Main St.  2nd Floor Room #205
Phone (740) 286-5630



Common reasons new lots/subdivisions would NOT be recommended by the Jackson County Board of Health

1.   Less than 1.5 acres of usable in situ soil (soil in its naturally deposited location or reclaimed or fill soils that have developed pedogenic features adequate to treat and disperse wastewater) for adequate space available for the home, driveway, water lines, leach field, and area for complete replacement of leach field once original leach field fails. 

2.  Known severe limitations for installing a household sewage treatment system such as FEMA flood zone, flood plains, protected wetlands, excessive slope, etc

3.  Previously approved planning commission variance with stipulation that it may not be split again.


Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-06(G)(1)(e) - Boards of health shall not waive the requirement for sufficient area to accommodate for complete relocation and replacement of a STS (sewage treatment system) when reviewing the creation of new lots and subdivisions in accordance with rule 3701-29-08 of the Administrative Code.

Click here for OAC 3701-29-08 in its entirety

OAC 3701-29-08(C)  Proposed subdivisions and new lots shall be reviewed by the board of health to determine compliance with this chapter, including, but not limited to the following:

(1) For subdivisions proposed within inner management zones of public water systems or areas with high ground water pollution potential, the board of health may require, but is not limited to, alternative STS designs, increased O&M frequencies, a responsible management entity and/or establish a household sewage treatment district in accordance with paragraph (F) of rule 3701-29-19 of the Administrative Code.

(2) No lot shall be created which requires a NPDES permit for a discharging STS. All created lots shall meet the requirements of rule 3701-29-06 of the Administrative Code.

(3) All proposed STS (sewage treatment systems) will meet soil absorption sizing requirements in rule 3701-29-15 of the Administrative Code.

OAC 3701-29-08(A) - The board of health review required in paragraph (C) of this rule shall be coordinated, as applicable, with authorities having responsibility for the requirements established in Chapter 711. of the Revised Code, zoning, recording of parcels of land, or other land use authorities. The board of health shall consult with appropriate sewer entity personnel such as a municipal or county sanitary engineer to confirm sewer accessibility as described in paragraph (T) of rule 3701-29-06 of the Administrative Code, and plans for sewer extensions by a municipality, sanitary district, regional water and sewer district, or other management entity or wastewater planning authority responsible for sanitary sewerage.

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