Jackson County Family and Children First Council Website

FCFC is a group of local agencies and community organizations that work together as partners to improve the well-being of children and families in Jackson County.  In 2015, the Jackson County FCFC served 54 families.

The Jackson County Family and Children First Council includes families and people from local agencies and community organizations in Jackson County. This group works together as partners to improve the well-being of children and families.Simply, the Family and Children First Council is a way for families and thier children to get services through service coordination.


What is a service?

A service is an activity or support that helps children and families. Families can get services from agencies, organizations, and informal supports, like neighbors and friends.


What does Service Coordination do?

Service Coordination helps bring services to children and families in a way that is simple and organized.


Jackson County is responsive to its children and families as they strive toward attaining their maximum potential.

Family and Children First Council’s Mission

Create a community where children and families are valued and supported. Through partnering, services and programs are developed and utilized to enrich our community.

  • Empower families to identify their strengths, priorities, concerns, and needs.

  •  Ensure family centered, culturally sensitive, individual services, and supports based on strengths and needs.

  • Develop community-based awareness of various systems that provide services and supports to families and the positive impact the investment in these services and supports has on the overall community.

  • Focus on developing and sustaining a continuum of services for children and families in Jackson County.

  • Focus on a system that pools and maximizes county resources and utilizes local dollars to access state and federal funds.

  • Ensure availability of service coordination in a consumer friendly, non-categorical approach.

  • Affirm that the community is part of the solution and that private and public partners will commit their time and resources.

  • Affirm that all families are partners in defining the issues, for planning a solution, and for using the most appropriate community-based services and supports.

  • Measure and promote the effectiveness of the services offered in achieving results for families and children.


Family and Children First Council’s Goals


1.      That expectant parents and newborns thrive
2.      That infants and toddlers thrive
3.      That children are ready for school
4.      That children and youth succeed in school
5.      That youth choose healthy behaviors   
6.      That youth successfully transition into adulthood