Public Health Nuisances

The Jackson County Health Department's Environmental Health Division investigates public health nuisance complaints under authority of Ohio Revised Code 3707.01.  

The Environmental Health Division accepts public health nuisance complaints in writing only and investigates complaints to help reduce public health nuisances from occurring in Jackson County.


If you need to report a public health nuisance, please use the printable form at the bottom of this page. Complete the form entirely and return to the health department in person, or by fax to 740-286-8809.

Failure of a property owner to abate a public health nuisance can result in re-inspection fees which are assessed as a lien on the property, court penalties, or other expenses incurred during the nuisance abatement process. 

To report a public health emergency, please contact:

Kevin Aston, Health Commissioner

During Business Hours:

740-286-5094 ext 2824

24/7 Contact & After Hours:

740-835-6698 | Primary

740-352-3245 | Secondary

For information about Public Health Nuisances, contact:

David Ramby, Director of E.H.

740-286-5094 ext 2836

Gary Radabaugh, Sanitarian

740-286-5094 ext 2829