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The Jackson County Health Department will do sanitary housing inspections in response to a written complaint using our sanitary housing complaint form, which can be obtained in person. 


The inspection is intended to help tenants who are unable to get the landlord to make repairs related to health/safety housing issues.  We will mail a letter to the property owner listing any housing violations observed during the inspection.  This letter can be used by the tenants to help them escrow their rent according to Ohio's tenant/landlord law.      


Click link below for Ohio's Tenant/Landlord Law



However, the tenant(s) must being fulfilling their obligations of paying rent, not damaging property, etc. according to Ohio's tenant/landlord law.  

Responsibilities/Obligations of tenant


                                        WARNING: PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME!

                                        If you do not, you risk being evicted.



Besides paying your rent on time, a tenant has other legal obligations.


In general, you must avoid damaging the home.

Specifically you must:

• Keep your apartment or house safe and sanitary.

• Dispose of trash and garbage properly – do not let it pile up or put it in the hall or common area.

• Keep all appliances that the landlord provides in good working order.

• Keep the electrical and plumbing fixtures clean and use them properly.

• Do not damage the home or permit your guests or visitors to do so.

• Do not disturb other tenants.

• Except with good reason, permit your landlord to enter your home if you get at least 24 hours’ notice.

• Make certain that you, your family or guests do not violate state or federal drug laws.

*** If a tenant does not pay his or her rent on time, the landlord can refuse to accept his or her rent and evict the tenant.

Try NOT to pay in cash, but if you do, get a receipt each time you pay the rent.

Do not agree to have a receipt sent to you by mail. If your landlord does not give receipts, you can create one and ask your landlord to sign it. If you pay by check or money order, keep your canceled check or your money order receipt to prove you paid the rent. 

Responsibilites/Obligations of Landlord


  • Make all repairs needed to make the house or apartment livable.

  • Keep in good working order all electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems.

  • Supply enough hot water and heat.

  • Keep hallways and stairways safe and clean.

  • Provide garbage cans or a dumpster (for four or more units in the same building).

  • Give tenant at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the home, except for an emergency. A tenant may refuse to admit the landlord if proper notice has not been given or if it is not an emergency.

  • Make the house or apartment comply with all building, housing, and health codes which significantly affect health and safety.

For information about Housing complaints, contact:

David Ramby, REHS

Director of E.H.

740-286-5094 ext. 2836

Gary Radabaugh, REHS

740-286-5094 ext. 2829

Click link below for Ohio's Tenant/Landlord Law


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